Thursday, January 23, 2014

Red Wiggler Worms

 Mrs. Wheeler, a teacher from Alexander Smith Academy spoke to our fourth graders about red wiggler worms, composting and how they enrich our soil!  Earlier that morning, she spoke to out Green Tigers!                                                 Thank you for coming to Frostwood  Mrs. Wheeler! :)
                                                    Worm castings! They make the  compost rich!
                                             Worms love worm tea!! :)
                                                  Mrs. Wheeler grinds her leftovers to make worm food.
                                She puts shredded paper to put in her worm world  for bedding,!
                                              A red wiggler!  It feels very slimy and gross.
                                                   They feel like a mini massage on your hand.
                                                 Baby red wigglers! Be gentle with them!

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