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Lyrics for Groovin' with the Grimms

3rd grade play chorus lyric study sheet

Scene 1: Chorus:
                           Rock’ n’ roll takes teamwork.  Can’t do it on your own.
                        You’ve got friends to back you up       When you take that microphone.
                        Ev’ry member of the band       Will do their part and lend a hand.
                        Rock’ n’ roll takes teamwork.  No need to feel alone.
Scene 2 Chorus:
Be careful what you wish for, brother,
                        Or you might regret it.
                        Be careful what you wish for, sister,
                        ‘cause you just might get it.

Scene 4 Chorus:
                    Rapunzel, Rapunzel, don’t let down your hair.
                        Anyone who really cares should learn to take the stairs.
                        Rapunzel, Rapunzel, you’re locked in a tow’r.
                        But it can’t contain you, girl, ‘cause
                        you’ve got princess pow’r.

Scene 5 Chorus:         Give your brain a workout today.
                                    Listen ev’ryone to what we say.
                                    You can solve whatever problems
                                    Come your way If you give your brain a workout today.

                        (rap) Left brain, right brain, language, math.
                        Keep those mental muscles marching
                        Down the path.
                        Left brain, right brain, science, arts.
                        Exercise your cerebellum.
                        Flex your smarts!
Give your brain a workout today.
                                    Listen ev’ryone to what we say.
                                    You can solve whatever problems
                                    Come your way If you give your brain a workout today(repeat)

Scene 6:       Chorus after the 3 wicked sing it the first time.

They’re three unwicked witches.
What trying times They’ve had.
It really burns their britches
\When people say they’re bad!
They’re three un wicked witches.
They try hard to be good!
          Of course, they have their glitches
But they’re just MISUNDERSTOOD!

Scene 7: (Chorus)          When I do something nice for people in my neighborhood,                                          When there’s no one watching and I still do what I should,
                    When I give, when I share, When I show the world how much I care,

                    That’s when I know I’m doing’ something good.

Grooving with the Grimms Costumes

Date: January 12, 2018
To: Third Grade Parents
From: Mrs. Sykes and Mrs. Novero, & Third Grade Teachers
Re: 3rd Grade play costume information

We have been working hard with the students to prepare our musical play. We are also very thankful to our PTA play coordinators who have gotten the costumes together for each scene. Below are the extra parts of the costumes that we need you to supply from home.
 If you have a problem supplying any of these items, please contact Mrs. Sykes or Mrs. Novero at or your child’s homeroom teacher.  Later we will let you know when these items should be brought to school for the costume.

Yellow Group: (RAPUNZEL)
Boys- black or dark shoes
Girls- white tights, black or dark shoes, hair up in bun at base of neck

Blue Group: (FISHERMAN)
Boys-Tennis shoes, khaki shorts
Girls- Tennis shoes, Bike shorts, Solid colored tank top

Red Group: (Snow White)
Boys- Black or dark shoes
Girls- Black or dark shoes, White tights, Hair down

Green Group: (The Shoemaker and the Elves)
Boys- Tennis shoes, Khaki shorts
Girls- Tennis shoes

Orange Group: (Hansel and Gretel)
Boys- Brown shoes or dark shoes, White knee high socks
Girls- Dark shoes, White tights, White playground shorts,  White spaghetti strap tank top

Wolf- Jeans, Solid white Tshirt   

Brain- Slacks, White button down shirt

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