Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Meteorologist Renee

Meteorology Report

March Parent Update

Dear Families,

We hope that you all have a safe and enjoyable spring break!  In class, we are working on the following:
  • Reading: We are reading and analyzing essays. Students will be summarizing, evaluating support points, and looking at organization of essays. Students are also continuing to look at structure and presentation of narratives to evaluate their quality using both class-created checklists and STAAR rubrics.
  • Writing: Students are writing narrative and expository compositions using STAAR-like prompts. We are also reviewing editing and revision. Specifically we are focusing on rules for commas, plural vs. possessive nouns, contractions, and pronouns.
  • Math:  We are currently finishing our unit on geometry, and next begin our unit on metric and customary measurement.  Geometry includes: identifying different types of lines, angles, and triangles. It also includes symmetry, and classifying 2d shapes by the presence or absence of parallel and perpendicular lines. They need to be able to draw and measure angles using a protractor. The students also need to know the formulas for area and perimeter, and be able to apply them to word problems and models. Our unit on metric and customary measurement will include conversions between metric and customary units. This will also include solving problems with elapsed time, mass and money, measurements of length and liquid volumes. Please continue to practice math facts nightly. Math facts are the foundation of solving math problems.
  • Science: Students have been studying the weather by measuring and recording temperatures, looking at changes in weather and predicting weather. The have used weather maps and learned math symbols in order to give their meteorology reports.  They will soon study the sun and water cycle as well as the patterns on Earth such as tides, shadows, seasons, and moon phases.
  • Social Studies: We have learned about the first colonists that joined Texas in Stephen F. Austin’s colony and are moving on to the Texas Revolution, including the battles of the Alamo and San Jacinto. Afterward we will read about Texas as a republic before it annexed with the United States.