Wednesday, February 11, 2015

February Update

Dear Families,

In class, we have been working on the following:

  • ReadingStudents will map essays to increase comprehension. We will look at the way an essay is written (structure) and the logic of the thesis (claim) and supports (substance) to critique the quality of essays. During independent reading, we will continue to help students select texts on their reading level. “Easy” books increase deeper thinking because students can easily comprehend the surface level comprehension (what is happening) and think about the significance of events, theme, and connections.)
  • WritingWe will continue to create story arcs and essay maps as a prewriting strategy to improve focus and organization in compositions. We will create checklists to guide revision of drafts. Students will also analyze and discuss the objective portion of the Practice STAAR test of the writing benchmark. 
  • Math:  We are working on measurement: metric and customary mass/weight, capacity, and length.  Next, we will begin a unit on geometry.  Students need to continue to incorporate both long division and 2x2 digit multiplication problems into their Weekly Math Fact Practice. 
  • Science:  We are finishing our unit on natural resources and land forms. We will soon begin studying weather. Get ready for your child to become a meteorologist! 
  • Social Studies: We are finishing Texas missions and will soon study the colonization of Texas and its fight for independence. Remember the Alamo!  Remember Goliad!  GTT!


  • February 9: Practice Math STAAR
  • February 11: Practice Reading STAAR
  • February 13:  Valentine’s Day party from 1:45-2:45
  • February 16: Student Holiday
  • February 20: Western Day
  • February 28: FWE Auction

Thanks so much,
4th Grade Teachers

Frostwood Elementary

Monday, February 9, 2015

SBISD Fourth Grade Parent Tool Kit

 Feel free to go to    located on the Spring Branch web site to help your studnet in his/her academics. It is filled with great ideas  and tips that  will help parents help their students when working with them at home.  Khan Academy is a wonderful  learning site as well. It is in my Favorites  in the blog ! Have fun!