Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Dear Families,

I hope this finds you all well! 

In class, we have been working on the following:

  • Reading:  We have been working on choosing “just right” books for independent reading and discussing the qualities of “just right” books. Research shows the importance of reading books on the appropriate level. Books that are too hard do not give students the same benefits as “just right” and “easy” books. We have been consuming narrative texts. While reading these stories together, we have been tracking our thoughts and sharing them as we read.  We have also been consuming essays and debating some of the topics from the essays that we have read.
  • Writing: We have been working on writing Stories From My Life (SFML), which are short, autobiographical stories. Students are working to make sure that their stories stay on topic and follow the story arc. 
·         Math:  We are finishing up working on estimation, factors, and multiples. We will be working on two by two digit multiplication and long division for the next few weeks. Please make sure your child is practicing their multiplication and division math facts nightly. It is so important for them to know these.
  • Social Studies:  We are finishing regions and will learn the symbols of Texas. After concluding regions and symbols, we will move on to Native American tribes present in early Texas.
·         Science: We are finishing up the matter unit and will start energy   
           and forces next week. This year our new program called, Stemscopes, allows    
           students to watch videos, play games, and read about science topics. Check out 
           http://bit.ly/sbisdsci. Your child has his/her password in their agendas. Please   
           feel free to go on the site and look at posted assignments.

21  End of 1st 9 weeks
21  4th Grade Field Trip-Taste of Texas
23  Early Dismissal-Parent Conferences
24  Early Dismissal-Parent Conferences
25  Carnival
27  Report cards go home that were not picked up at conference
   29  Boosterthon Pep Rally
31   Provine Retake/Make-up

Thanks so much,

Fourth Grade Teachers