Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The Writing Process Write On!!!!!

1. Think of an idea. Use your imagination and experience.
2. Then brainstorm. List, cluster, map, make an outline.
3. Write a rough draft. Double space as you write.
4. Read and revise. Read your work aloud and revise it. Draw lines through what you change rather than erasing. You may later want to recover a word or an idea. Revising means:
a. Adding words.
b. Taking out words that aren't needed.
c. Changing words to make your meaning more clear.
d. Rearranging words.
e. Changing or combining sentences.
5. Then share your writing with someone. Is the meaning clear? Are there questions or suggestions? Revise as needed.
6. Then edit. Check correctness of spelling, punctuation, capitalization, form.
7. Prepare a final draft. Use your best handwriting.
8. Finally publish. Share with an audience
9. Be proud of your work! :)

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