Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Hot Cross Buns!!!

ATTENTION 4th Grade Parents:

The 4th grade recorders are coming to your homes after Thanksgiving holidays.

The students have been preparing for this day by memorizing the treble

clef staff and doing activities which encourage and apply this knowledge.

During the week after Thanksgiving, the students should bring home a RECORDERwith an attached neck strap, a recorder case, and a Be a RECORDERSTAR book. Taped inside the book will be the Recorder Commandments and theReward system that we will use in class.Please have your child remember to bring the recorder to school on your child’s music days- both the block time and the short 25 minute time.The book can remain at home because we have books in class. I hope you encourage your child to practice the recorder at home so that your child can progress through our recorder program quickly and confidently.

Please note for the safety and sanity of the rest of theschool: Students are only allowed to play the recorder

during music class, or when another teacher allows it,but not on the bus, or in the hallways.

If your child plays their recorder on the bus or in the hallways, all teachers and bus drivers know that they

will have permission to take the child’s recorder, and turn it into the office.
Thank you.
Julie Sykes, Music Teacher

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