Thursday, December 12, 2013

December Parent Update

Dear Families,

In class, we have been working on the following:

  • Reading:  In reading, we continue to read Stories from My Life closely to better understand the deeper meaning of the story and to help us become better writers.  Each week we read Time for Kids magazine, discuss the current events, and complete a comprehension quiz covering the magazine’s content.  We are reading and responding to a variety of texts.  Students should continue to read for FAR and complete several chapter books per month.
  • Writing:  In writing, we have been focusing on reading/ writing connections.  The students read a picture book and respond to a given prompt that follows the theme of the book.  We have also been reproducing unfamiliar texts in order to help them identify, label and analyze different parts of a story.  Being able to do this well will allow students to write their stories more effectively. 
  • Math:  We are finishing our unit on fractions. After the winter break, we will begin working on decimals.  Students need to continue to incorporate both long division without remainders and 2x2 digit multiplication problems into their Weekly Math Fact Practice.
  • Science:  We are beginning our unit on soil, natural resources, fossil fuels and conservation.  After the New Year, we will focus on ecosystems, food chains/webs, plant structure and function and plant life cycles. 
  • Social Studies: We are finishing up with explorers. Next, we will study Spanish Missions in Texas and learn how Spanish culture influenced Texas.
  • December 13th: Early Dismissal
  • December 19th: Early Dismissal
  • December 20st:  Classroom Holiday Party & Early Dismissal
  • January 7th:  Students return to school at 12214 Memorial DriveJ
o   NEW SCHOOL HOURS: 8:00 – 3:00
  • January 10th: Report cards go home 
  • January 15th: Class and Individual Pictures
  • January 20th:  NO SCHOOL
  • January 22nd: Taste of Texas field trip: Rabel/ Yao, Janacek, Davis & White
  • January 23rd: Taste of Texas field trip: Meadows & Root
  • February 5th: SHREK! Field trip to MHS to see the play
  • February 19th: Field trip to MFAH

We hope you all have a very safe and happy winter holiday! J

Fourth Grade Teachers

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