Thursday, May 1, 2014

April Newsletter

Dear Families,

Spring is officially here!  In class, we have been working on the following:

  • Reading: Students continue to read for deeper meaning during independent reading and in book clubs.  We will be working on STAAR objectives and strategies for tackling Reading STAAR questions.
  • Writing:  Students have been writing stories from their lives and essays. 
  • Math:  We recently completed units on geometry and probability.  We are currently reviewing all of the concepts that have been introduced throughout the year in order to prepare for the upcoming STAAR test.  Please help your child by reminding them to show his/her work and use strategies on the math homework. 
·       Science:  Our fourth grade scientists just finished learning about mixtures and solutions- how to separate them and how scientists incorporate this information every day in their labs. We also learned about the four major forms of energy. Ask your child about the center of gravity games we played! They were real balancing acts!  Until the end of the year, we will concentrate on electricity: how it travels and makes different types of circuits. Finally, we will investigate ecosystems and their importance in our ever-changing world! GO GREEN!
  • Social Studies: After finishing the Texas Revolution, we will learn about the Republic of Texas and Texas becoming a state.  We will also be evaluating the reasons that some Texans wanted to remain an independent nation versus Texans who wanted to join the U.S.

  • April 11th: Ride, Bike or Scoot to school
  • April 14th & 15th: Talk with Mrs. Musgrove during Health Fitness
  • April 16th: Earth Day Parade
  • April 18th: HOLIDAY
  • April 22nd: 4th Grade Math STAAR Test
  • April 23rd: 4th Grade Reading STAAR Test
  • April 28th – 30th : GREAT with Officer Miller
  • April 29th: International Day Parade
·       April 30th: Progress Reports go home
·       May 3rd: Running for the Arts
·       May 3rd: International Festival

Thanks so much,

4th Grade Teachers

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